OXYFLUX™ Hose End Sprayer 32 Oz. | Slow-Release Oxygen Aerator | Soil and Plant Health


Benefits of OXYFLUX™:

  • Increased total soil microbial populations
  • Healthier roots due to enhanced symbiotic fungi growth
  • Well maintained and protected white healthy roots
  • More efficient use of nutrients and water
  • Keeps plant and soil ecology healthy and breathing
  • Sustainable for the health of the soil and water
  • Restoration and remediation of aerobic and biological activities at high moisture and temperature conditions
  • Increased enzyme diversity
  • Elimination or reduction of black layer
  • Less fertilizer
  • Reduction of fungicides
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for golf courses, landscapes and gardens



Suitable for all varieties of turf, such as those found in commercial enterprises, residential lawns, athletic facilities, golf course fairways, greens, and tees


Our Slow-Release Oxygen Is Engineered To Help You Drive  Oxygen Deeply Into Soil For The Best Results Possible.




Less labor-intensive than mechanical core aeration or spike aeration and allows for optimal soil respiration


OXYFLUX™ offers a gradual delivery of oxygen by means of the interaction of its active components and water. It has been formulated to generate more secure, biodegradable, and eco-friendly soil oxygen augmentation without causing any harm to the environment, flora and fauna, and human beings alike.



This product is oxygen-rich, containing essential nutrients to ensure strong, healthy plant growth and exceptional productivity while still respecting the environment.



OXYFLUX™ can be beneficial when soil has been subject to excessive fertilization or hydration, resulting from erroneous irrigation, neglected maintenance programs, substantial or recurrent precipitation, or other usual circumstances that provoke anaerobic soil conditions.



This oxygen aids in the loosening and aeration of soil which has become compacted and waterlogged, due to the compression or clogging of air pores due to a lack of soil respiration. With an increase in oxygen presence in the root zone, nutrient uptake is also intensified.


This product improves the productivity of the soil surface it is used on and is intended for ongoing delivery.



Consequently, it only releases oxygen when necessary, accommodating soil requirements based on its pH level.



OXYFLUX™ is capable of adapting to varying water sources in accordance with the requirements; for instance, when present in soil with a pH of up to 11, it will be released in a progressively slow manner. Conversely, when the pH of the soil reduces to 5.5 or 6, the speed of the release increases.


This liquid aerator is activated only when required, facilitating a quick and sustained acceleration in oxygen levels.


In situations where there is an excess of organic matter or a soil composition that is largely composed of clay or ash, the utilization of OXYFLUX™ is recommended in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the soil.



DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Thoroughly shake the product before use. Securely attach the spray nozzle to one end of the hose. Set the dial to the "on" position. While walking at a moderate speed, spray the product evenly in a side-to-side motion, covering an area of approximately 6 feet. It is recommended to reapply the product every 3 months, or as necessary. Each quart can treat up to 3,200 square feet.



It is recommended to apply the product on a weekly basis, shortly after mowing the grass, preferable in the morning or late afternoon for optimal results. Applications can be conducted even in the case of rainy weather.



It is imperative that the OXyFlux™ be watered in shortly after application.


Active Ingredients: 33% Active Oxygen/Dioxide

67% Proprietary Stabilizers,Buffers and Inert Ingredients

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