Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner Foliar Spray 32 Oz. | OMRI LISTED FOR ORGANIC USE


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Liquid Soil Conditioner biostimulant Organic Natural Minerals Leonardite Commercial Grade |Omri listed for organic use

Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner Foliar Spray improves soil conditions with a natural growth-promoting effect on the roots of plants, it can stimulate the growth of roots and new growing roots, thereby enhancing the ability of plants to absorb nutrients in the underground part.


PREMIXED AND EASY-TO-APPLY: 32-ounce premixed formula for the home gardener or botanist in your life; Ready-to-use sprayer offers convenient use on foliage every other week until desired plant health is achieved. Do not spray until leaves drip. Simply apply light mist to cover leaves.


  • BENEFITS FOR MULTIPLE USES: Reduces transplant shock by more quickly building a strong root ball; Beneficial for lawn owners, home gardeners, rose and orchid lovers, arborists and pro botanists, or zen-garden and bonsai enthusiast


  • GET BETTER BLOOMS AND FRUITS: Supports faster growth, more vivid colors, and higher produce yields


  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GREENERY: Promotes chemical balance and restores vigor to indoor and outdoor plants

Shelf life approximately 2 years. Store away from sunlight. Keep in a cool place. 


We Southern Green And Grow™ reserve to right to indicate the the compamy will not be responsible for any misuse, damages caused, or other accidents caused during, handling, transportation or mishandling, etc.