Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner Hose End Sprayer 32 Oz. | OMRI LISTED FOR ORGANIC USE


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Liquid Soil Conditioner biostimulant Organic Natural Minerals Leonardite Commercial Grade |Omri listed for organic use


Southern Green And Grow™  Soil Conditioner for lawns, gardens and bare spots formulated to help loosen and soften compacted soil without relying on any harsh chemicals and accommodate most grass types, flowers and plants.


This liquid soil conditioner is made to help enhance the soil structure of lawns and gardens while promoting nutrient uptake to help support plant and root growth making it ideal for maintaining just the right soil conditions for plants to grow.


Southern Green And Grow™  Soil Conditioner raises the plant's nutrient and vitamin levels to help build carb strength and support energy efficiency to help plants grow faster, sweeter and healthier while blending with the rest of your lawn care products.Use 4 weeks before planting new seeds. Great for any grass type and soil type that has trouble with compaction. Use alongside any fertilizer program. Be sure to keep your lawn watered sufficiently after application.


From softening soil to providing plant nutrients, our lawn soil conditioner has you covered. Simply attach garden hose to applicator and spray it on your plants' soil or lawn every other week until health improvements are achieved.


Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner is made using only pure and natural, ingredients without relying on any harsh or artificial chemicals to support grass, turf, plants, produce, etc. It’s made in the USA and is safe to use around pets and children.



Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner 32 Ouncetreats up to 3,200 square feet. Shake the product well. Attach spray nozzle to end of hose. Turn water on at low to medium flow. Turn dial to “on” position. Apply product evenly, walking at a medium pace and spraying in a side to side motion, covering approximately 6 ft. REPEAT in 2 weeks and again after 6 - 8 weeks.


Shelf life approximately 2 years. Store away from sunlight. Keep in a cool place. 


We Southern Green And Grow™ reserve to right to indicate the the compamy will not be responsible for any misuse, damages caused, or other accidents caused during, handling, transportation or mishandling, etc.