Soil Conditioner Commercial Grade 32 Oz. Refill Jug | OMRI LISTED FOR ORGANIC USE



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Liquid Soil Conditioner biostimulant Organic Natural Minerals Leonardite Commercial Grade |Omri listed for organic use

Southern Green And Grow Soil Conditioner is a natural, environmentally safe soil amendment enriched with humic acid extracted from natural high grade Leonardite with excellent solubility that can be used on all crops, in all soils, to boost plant growth, yield and quality. It will not harm or burn plants due to its low salt index. It releases natural minerals and humid acid instantly over several days in the soil. Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner can be mixed with potting soil, compost, or applied in the garden. Use 4 weeks before planting new seeds. Great for any grass type and soil type that has trouble with compaction. Use alongside any fertilizer program. Be sure to keep your lawn watered sufficiently after application.


  • Re-mineralizes soil for optimum growth
  • Virtually odorless
  • Improves root systems, yields and quality
  • Natural occurring mineral deposit
  • For all soil types


OMRI-Listed for organic production, Southern Green And Grow™  Soil Conditioner can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and/or soil amendment product. It is easy and safe to use and good for the environment.




Apply product directly to the soil surface, mix lightly into the soil, and/or water-in after application. Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner may also be blended with potting soils, compost, humus, manures, fertilizers, and/or beneficial soil microbe products.


There is virtually no Nitrogen, therefore no worries about burning your lawn. If you mix/apply Southern Green And Grow   Soil Conditioner with your favorite fertilizer, water as you always do.


Shelf life approximately 2 years. Store away from sunlight. Keep in a cool place. 


    We Southern Green And Grow™ reserve to right to indicate the the compamy will not be responsible for any misuse, damages caused, or other accidents caused during, handling, transportation or mishandling, etc.