OXYFLUX™ 32 Oz. F-Style Jug | Slow-Release Oxygen Aerator | Soil and Plant Health


Much Easier to Apply

Traditional aeration methods take time to apply and can be back-breaking work. It can take hours for lawn care professionals to manually aerate a medium-sized lawn, even with professional-grade equipment.

On the other hand, liquid aeration can be done quickly. In this instance, saving time also saves money. The lawn care technician can apply the liquid aeration with ease, leaving the solution to get to work.


Benefits of OXYFLUX™:

  • Increased total soil microbial populations
  • Healthier roots due to enhanced symbiotic fungi growth
  • Well maintained and protected white healthy roots
  • More efficient use of nutrients and water
  • Keeps plant and soil ecology healthy and breathing
  • Sustainable for the health of the soil and water
  • Restoration and remediation of aerobic and biological activities at high moisture and temperature conditions
  • Increased enzyme diversity
  • Elimination or reduction of black layer
  • Less fertilizer
  • Reduction of fungicides
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for golf courses, landscapes and gardens



OXYFLUX™ Plant & Soil Oxygen Enhancer oxygenates plants and soils and will help maintain healthy plant roots, while allowing a more efficient movement of oxygen and nutrients. OXYFLUX™ can also reduce the problems associated with anaerobic conditions. OXYFLUX™ can be applied as a foliar and/or soil drench, into the root zone.


Using OXYFLUX™ as a soil drench.

Used as a soil drench at the time of seeding or transplanting, as well as a periodic drench, will maintain healthy plant roots. OXYFLUX™ can also be used on potting soil and growing medium prior to planting.

1. Use 1 fl. oz. per gallon of water.

2. Apply to soil or growing media to the point of saturation.

OXYFLUX™ Applied into the soil via foliar application in greenhouses.

Foliar application with OXYFLUX™ directly over plant material is an excellent method of supplying additional oxygen as it runs down leaves, flowers and stems and into the soil.

Applying OXYFLUX™ over ornamentals, bedding plants, flowering plants, shrubs and trees will maintain healthy plant roots.

Initial Application:

1. Use 3⁄4 fl. oz per gallon of water.

2. Spray, or mist, over plants and into the soil in early morning or late evening for best results. Weekly soil application:

1. Use 1⁄2 fl. oz. per gallon of water.

2. Spray weekly for best results.

OXYFLUX™ Applied as a foliar treatment in the field.

Foliar application is just another method for soil application. Apply OXYFLUX™ into the soil, directly over nursery stock, such as woody ornamentals, bedding plants, flowering plants, roses, container plants, azaleas, rhododendrons, conifers and shade trees, to maintain healthy plant roots.


Active Ingredients: 33% Active Oxygen/Dioxide

67% Proprietary Stabilizers,Buffers and Inert Ingredients


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