Whether you are a Homeowner (DIY), Farmer, Gardener or Landscaper, having a better understanding and solution to build soil is crucial to reaching your goals. 


Southern Green and Grow™ Soil Conditioner is an 100% natural micronutrient formulated to enhance soil properties and slow the release of nutrients. It is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is deemed suitable for organic production. This conditioner is designed to increase the plants’ absorption of necessary nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, thereby aiding in high crop yields while minimizing the need of synthetic fertilizers.



Improves Soil Conditions

Formulated with trace minerals and humic acid to naturally enhance soil quality

This superior quality liquid bio natural soil conditioner is an ideal choice for incorporation into any fertilization regimen. It has been specially formulated to maximize the effectiveness of fertilization by enhancing macro- and micronutrient absorption and stimulating root structures to optimize plant growth, even in less than ideal conditions.

Introduces Nutrients into the Soil, which can:

  • Open Hard Clay Soil 

  • Unblock Nutrients in Deficient Soil

  • Enhance Water Penetration

  • Balance Soil pH

  • Uplift Aeration

  • Encourage Root Growth

  • Stimulate Seed Germination

  • Reduce Drought Stress

  • Transform the physical and chemical conditions of the soil to make it more beneficial for the plants,

  • Enhance plant resistance to disease, pests, cold, dryness, and drought, and Increase yield by up to 30%.

Improves Leaf and Root Development

Improve root systems, yields, and overall plant vigor in a variety of field crops and garden vegetables

When utilized in recommended quantities, a mutualistic partnership is formed between the roots and the substrate, resulting in more powerful, more active, and healthier root systems. This enhancement in the plant's ability to access necessary nutrients, its improved resistance to root-borne pathogens, and its increased response to environmental and biological stressors, all make it more resilient.

Increases Effectiveness of Fertilizer

Can be used to wake up microbials in the soil and remineralize depleted soils.

It is recommended to apply the solution during the growing season, either in the spring or fall, for the most effective results. Immediately after applying a microbe-feeding fertilizer is the ideal time for application. It is best to apply during the morning or evening hours, as the heat of the day can cause evaporation before the solution can be adequately absorbed by the soil. Furthermore, when selecting the day for application, it is essential to pick a day without strong winds, or else the solution may be pushed away or evaporate in the wind.

This Soil Conditioner offers extended nutrient release due to the involvement of microorganisms in an assortment of cycles that break down and discharge the nutrients over a longer term than synthetic fertilizers.

Product uses

  • Field Crops

  • Indoor and Outdoor Plants

  • Vegetable and Flower Gardens

  • Vine, Citrus and Fruit Crops

  • Orchards, Trees and Shrubs 

  • Lawn Care

  • Irrigation Systems 

  • Hydroponics