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Southern Green And Grow™ Soil Conditioner improves soil properties, slow releases nutrients. Promotes the absorption of N,P,K and trace elements in plants. OMRI-Listed for organic production.


All·Purpose Soil and Root Conditioner 100% Natural Micronutrients Fixes Deficiencies, Increases Higher Yields and Reduces Synthetic Fertilizer Needs.


Formulated With Trace Minerals and Humic Acid To Improve Your Soil Naturally

Can be used in conjunction within any fertilizing program. 


The best liquid bio natural soil conditioning product for all types of soils, crops, fruit vegetables, vegetables, plants trees and lawns! It's specially formulated to stimulate macro and micronutrients to maximize fertility efficiency. Our premium solution will stimulate root system to help the plant growth in extreme conditions.




  • Less fertilizer used
  • Less water needed.
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs.


  • Opens Hard Clay Soil
  • Unlocks Nutrients In Deficient Soils
  • Improves Water Penetration
  • Balances Soil pH
  • Increases Aeration
  • Encourages Root Growth
  • Stimulates Seed Germination
  • Reduces Drought Stress
  • Enhance plant resistance to disease, pest, cold, drought and dry.
  • Increase yield for 15 to 30%


When used in the appropriate doses creates mutualistic symbioses between the roots and the substrate, generating continuously active, bigger and healthier root systems, which improves nutrients uptake efficiency, reduces susceptibility to root pathogenic attacks, and increases root tolerance and response to biotic and abiotic stress and pathogens.


The use of this product in the appropriate doses creates favourable environment to sustain and develop growth, which improves root and plant  nutrients uptake efficiency, reduces susceptibility to pathogenic attacks, and increases tolerance and response to biotic and abiotic stress and pathogens.


  • Apply during your growing season, preferably in spring or fall.
  • The ideal application is just after spreading a microbe-feeding fertilizer.
  • Apply in the morning or evening. Afternoon applications can cause evaporation before it can be absorbed by the soil.
  • Choose a wind-free day, to keep your solution from being carried away or evaporated by the wind.


This Soil Conditioner releases nutrients at a slower rate and over a longer period than synthetic fertilizers because microorganisms are involved in a breakdown and release cycle.


Whether you are a Homeowner (DIY), Farmer, Gardener or Landscaper, having a better understanding and solution to build soil is crucial to reaching your goals. 




  • Field Crops
  • Indoor and Outdoor Plants
  • Vegetable and Flower Gardens
  • Vine, Citrus and Fruit Crops
  • Orchards, Trees and Shrubs
  • Lawn Care
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Hydroponics